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Nastec 4HS

Nastec 4HS


4HS MultiPower is a submersible pump from the new range of 4HS pumps. The 4HS MP features a built-in inverter. Powered by renewable energy sources, the 4HS MultiPower pumps can be powered by AC or DC with a wide range of operating voltage. This means that 4HS MP pumps can be connected to solar panels, batteries, wind turbine and a diesel generator.

A special software algorithm allows for adjusting the hydraulic performance to each source and to the available power while maximising the amount of water pumped.

Download the Nastec 4HS Brochure

Nastec 4HS Brochure

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – Always the maximum power available

Based on the variations of solar irradiation and temperature, MPPT maximises the electrical power drawn from the panels and therefore the amount of water pumped. The greater the solar irradiation the faster the pump’s rotation speed, and consequently water flow increases.

When solar irradiation decreases (due to clouds or the different times of day), the pump reduces frequency and therefore the flow, but it continues to provide water until the irradiation falls below a minimum level necessary to ensure operation.

MPPT Graph
Nastec 4HS Electronics

Key Features

  • Can be powered by either AC or DC.
  • Built in electronics, allowing the pump to cooled directly by water flow. 
  • 4HS versions 05/04, 05/08, 08/03 &  08/05  feature a centrifugal pump with built-in no-return valve.
  • 4HS versions 01/03H,  02/02H & 02/02H R feature a helical rotor pump with stainless steel rotor and hard chrome coating.
  • All versions equipped with a Permanent Magnet Motor.