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Nastec HMA

Nastec HMA


Nastec HMA is an electronic device for switching between power sources that integrates with multiple functions. Combined with any MultiPower “HMA Ready” device, Nastec HMA autonomously switches between AC and DC power based on the programmed logic.

Download the Nastec HMA Brochure

Nastec HMA Brochure
Nastec HMA and SUND connection diagram
Nastec HMA and MIDA connection diagram
Nastec HMA and VASCO connection diagram
Nastec HMA

Key Features

  • Automatic power source management.
  • Mechanical disconnection of the two power supplies – maximum electrical safety. 
  • Able to start or stop auxiliary generator according to need. HMA also monitors any signs of failure or running out of fuel.
  • 5 programmable switching logics – manual, timed, flow, digital input & irradiation.