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Nastec SUND

Nastec SUND


SUND is the Nastec range of solar pumps for the circulation and filtering of pool water. SUND is powered by solar panels or, if necessary, by mains supply. Nastec SUND guarantees a quick return on investment.

Download the Nastec SUND Brochure

Nastec SUND Brochure

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – Always the maximum power available

Based on the variations of solar irradiation and temperature, MPPT maximises the electrical power drawn from the panels and therefore the amount of water pumped. The greater the solar irradiation the faster the pump’s rotation speed, and consequently water flow increases.

When solar irradiation decreases (due to clouds or the different times of day), the pump reduces frequency and therefore the flow, but it continues to provide water until the irradiation falls below a minimum level necessary to ensure operation.

MPPT Graph
SUND Pool Pump diagram
Nastec SUND

Key Features

  • Remote control through Nastec NOW mobile app. 
  • Energy saving thanks to photovoltaic energy supply and variable-speed operation.
  • Extremely low noise operation.
  • High-performance hydraulic part with rapid extraction inlet pre-filter.
  • Guaranteed operation with sea salt water. 
  • Integrated inverter provides lengthening of system life and greater system reliability.